T. Omarov Republican scientific competitions of schoolchildren in Astronomy and Space Physics


In Almaty, on the basis of the Observatory of NNPOOC “Bobek”, T. Omarov Republican scientific competitions of schoolchildren in Astronomy and Space Physics devoted to the 55th anniversary of the flight of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin into space were held.

The participants of the scientific event were addressed by the President of JSC “National Center for Space Research and Technology”, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences – Chingis Tukenovich Omarov, the son and successor of the famous scientist-astronomer Tuken Omarov, whose scientific activity was related to V.G Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute, where he made a career from a senior laboratory assistant to Academician NAS RK. Under his leadership of T. Omarov, Kazakhstan developed School of celestial mechanics and stellar dynamics, well-known among professionals in this country and abroad. The presentation about his teacher T. Omarov was made by the Corresponding Member. NAS RK, professor Leonid Mikhailovich  Chechin. Interesting memories and instructions were listened with great interest by the schoolchildren – future scientists – astrophysicists. A brief but very succinct speech, which was greeted  with fervor and a standing ovation by all the participants, was made by the national hero, cosmonaut of Kazakhstan  Aydin Akanovich Aimbetov.  His phrase, “The road to space begins from the “Bobek” ” became an eloquent expression and inspired young scientists for new achievements.

All speakers noted that such large-scale research activities in the field of space education for schoolchildren of all Kazakhstan became possible only thanks to the personal participation of the First Lady of Kazakhstan Sara Alpysovna Nazarbayeva, as according to her initiative,  NNPOOC “Bobek”, a  unique children’s observatory, which has become the center of the country’s space education, was opened in Almaty in 2009.

The scientific competitions were held: Competition of scientific projects in astronomy and space physics, and Olympiad in astronomy and Space Physics.

The reports presented at the project contest: “The identification of astronomical phenomena and computer simulation” (9th grade pupils from Astana – Shamil Omarov and Yuri Krikunov) and the project “Ғарышқа ұшу кезіндегі ғарыштық кемелер мен станциялардағы экипаж мүшелерінің биологиялық және медициналық жағдайлары оны жақсарту жолы”  (Isabek Muratov – the pupil of the 8th grade, Uralsk, West Kazakhstan oblast) gained great interest of the jury and members of the Scientific competition. Diplomas of the Contest of research projects of II and III degrees were awarded to the children from lyceum No.107 Almaty.

The best Olympiad results in astronomy and space physics were shown by the schoolchildren from Almaty – Mailybaev Dinmuhamed and Shalabayeva Aruzhan (NIS, Physics and Mathematics) and Azhar Akhmetov (RPMS), who were awarded diplomas of I degree.

Diplomas of II and III degrees were awarded to the schoolchildren from lyceum No.165, Almaty, as well as schoolchildren from Akmola, North Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda and West Kazakhstan regions.

The program of the National Science competition included interesting excursions. For high schoolchildren the sightseeing tour around the city was organized, they visited the famous open air museum “Tamgaly Tas” in the outskirts of Almaty. They were really impressed by the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Schoolchildren with new knowledge and  new ideas went back home. See you soon!